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          Hi this is a little info section if you would like to have a little intro for your navigation. It could even be a welcome bubble! :) The great thing about this bubble is that you can write as much as you like without stretching the background. Just keep writing until you can write no more! :) You just have to fiddle with spacing so you can see the text.

Moments like this...

Well, here's another layout. I love Cloud and Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, they make such a cute couple. I decided to call this Moments Like This because they really do have some cute precious moments (as well as heartbreaking) both in the game and the movie. Well, I would say that this took about 5 hours to code and seeing the finished product, its well worth it! I've even got a little marquee for you above the content with 88x31 buttons. Hover over and see the pretty effects.

...are hard to come by.
Yay! Doesn't this look so cute and pretty? I'm really happy with he way this turned out, and there are more goodies and info you can find underneath! Woot! I'm so glad this turned out alright. There aren't any graphics, except the 88x31 icons, but I'm sure you can make your own. There are plenty of sites out there too that do great clerith icons. :DD

So, the rules.
1. Please don't copy any part of this layout, or redistribute it for that matter. That includes images, codes, and any goodies that came with this layout. You may only edit the parts which say content starts here or navigation starts here But don't redistribute!
2. Don't remove the credits, or touch anything that says do not remove. However, where it says yoursite.com you can replace that one small word for the name of your site or whatever you want - it gives you ownership to your site.
3. Don't take credit for another's work. I worked hard on this one, and it's nice to be recognised for what I've done.
4. If you like what you see, don't be afraid to contact me or comment me!:)



Sorry, none this time. :(

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