Here is a Vampire Knight Layout I made some time ago, Hope you like it. I also hope you like all the roses added in, since it represents VK quiet well. You could use this layout for pretty much anything legal, such as large content websites, to small personal blogs. Just as long as you don't abuse the layout for something bad :) I hope you enjoy the layout.

Download procedure
1. download layout
2. the zip file will contain: a folder called images, an index file along with the css
3. create a folder called "images" on your website in the main directory, upload all the image files from the layout into that folder.
4. open index.html with your HTML editor if necessary to edit your contents.
5. go back to your site's main directory and upload index.html and the css file into that section.
6. if the above steps were not done correctly, broken links to images will occur.
7. enjoy XD
note: text box/ textarea/ button css codes included

Firefox/ IE/ 800x600 and up / basic HTML understanding/ CSS/ please be responsible with this layout and it's credits. DO NOT remove any of them (at the bottom)!! It'll be great if you can put them inside your credits//disclaimer page also. The layout designer/ provider will not be responsible for any contents the user is putting up on their website.
Layout Downloaded from: celestial-star.net
Layout designed by: X.C.
Other credits:
Images: These are all scaned by me from my volume 4 cover of Vampire Knight(Yuki and Zero), and my Lala Magazine (Kaname). so I am guessing credits goes to Viz Media, Lala monthly mag., and Matsuri Hino :). Brushes: Hybrid Genesis, FEEL Resources, and Annika von Holdt

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