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Isn't this image pretty? it's from the Capcom Design works artbook that you can also find at the Celestial Star Gallery and I still hadn't used it anywhere, so decided to make a layout with it :) This present Darkness is a song by Chimaira an awesome Metal group. Here's the lyric for the song:

In this present darkness
I fall upon broken knees
Crawl through weight depression haunted by and unborn ghost
I'll never know your fears
Never see me in your eyes
Curse the one that stole your name from
Me this is the monster that they create from second of your conception
Minutes leading to death sentence will shackle me and turn eyes red
I will constantly endure the pain of your creation
How can I lie awake grace
How can I lie awake my love
Will stay dead in this present darkness
I fall

This layout has been edited completely with Photoshop 7.0 using a lot of layers and blending modes.

The html and css files were coded with MS Notepad. That means the source code is fully copyrighted to me, and you can't copy it to make your own layouts.

This layout will look good with any resolution above 800x600 pixels and has been tested in Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox.


I made a matching 100x100 avatar with this layout:

How to use

Open index.html and edit with Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor. Upload to your server with the images in the images folder (keep the paths or they won't work properly).

If you have any problem, ask at the support forum at Celestial Star, please do not e-mail me about it. Thank you :)

Terms of use

1. Do not redistribute.
2. Do not copy or use my images or codes (html and/or css) to make your layouts.
3. Do not direct link the layout images from here.
4. Do not remove the credits and links. This layout is linkware, that means, you're free to use it if you link back to my site on every page you'll be using it. Do not change the credits. I want them displayed exactly as I put them. If you don't want to keep the links, contact me and we can negotiate a price.

About you

This layout ended having a wide navigation, so it can be perfectly used as a blog. If you finally decide to use it as a blog, you would put the information about you here, something like this:
Name: Melfina
Age: 19
Likes: Nu metal, Webdesigning, Ragnarok Online


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