Fairy Tale

This layout was made by Shini on the 6th November, 2008. It features Sakura from the manga and anime Card Captors.

The picture was simply begging to be used, and though I usually don't like pinkish colours, I love the warm feel of the layout. It reminds me of autumn in a way (I'm already missing the leaves), and it gives everything a lovely over all feel.

The layout title was quite spontaneous... I thought of it off of the top of my head, but it fits well with the soft and hazy colours. It also fits with the cute dresses Sakura always has.


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Matching icons and buttons:

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Using the layout

Using the layout:
1. Unzip the file using Winzip, etc.
2. Upload everything to your server/freewebs, etc.
3. Edit the frame.htm file to add your own content. To change the title and links, edit the index.htm file.
4. Do NOT remove the credits.

If you are confused as to what to do, or would like something changing on this layout, then email Shini at: