About The Design

In total, this design took me 2 days to finish. On the first day, I made the basic outline of the design. On the second day I added flash and coded.

I must say, every minute ws worth it. I bsolutely love this design 0_0

This design features Raimei from the hit series: Nabari No Ou. I absolutely love the series, but I am suprised I didn't make the design based off Yoite, since he's kinda my favorite character, even though I wanted to punch him in ep.3.... long story, just watch the show :p

I can't stop playing with the bouncy "Link Here" buttons on the top-left XD.... I hope I'm not the only one doing this 0_0...

Posted by Cloud9247

Using The Design

As always, it's easy. All the content is pretty much just a mix of p, h1, h2, and a. pretty simple.

I tried to comment the index.html file, you if you don't know where to edit, it should be fairly easy.

And don't forget to edit the ./xml/website.xml and ./xml/links.xml files, to your site's details.

Most important of all though, don't remove the credit line.

Thank you and enjoy ;)

Tested in IE 7, FF, Opera, Safari

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