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Thanks to recent events, COMPANY has gotten a new server. We are please to present server 03: Tsubeta.

About The Design

In this design I was going for a professional feel. I *think* I may have achieved it??? Regardless, I like how it turned out. Anyways, the design didn't take very long at all suprisingly, only a few hours, which is short for me.

I'll admit, it's not my most artistic or outstanding design ever; but it fills its purpose. It's clean-cut, XHTML/CSS Valid, and professional. I love making my anime/manga-based designs, but I thought this design would be a nice little change-of-pace for s little bit.

The images at the top are meant to be a "network" symbol, but everyone sees things differently, lol. I may end up putting this design under a "professional web templates" in the site; since I don't quite like mixing business and hobby... aka, commercial and anime/manga. But, oh well, I just hope you like it.

Posted By Cloud9247

Using This Design

As always, I made the design very easy to use(I think)... but it wouldn't hurt if you have some basic HTML knowledge.


  1. Download the design
  2. unzip the .zip file you downloaded
  3. edit index.html, ./xml/website.xml, and ./xml/links.xml to fit your site's information
  4. Save your files, upload them to your server, and enjoy!

Thats all there is to it! If you have any comments, questions, concerns, ect. you are more than welcome to address them with me at HayalKarga.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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