About The Design

Are you a bit suprised I made a NaruXSasu design? I kind of am too. Most people would be surprised because I'm a guy and making a yaoi design, I know it's weird. oh well...

To tell you the truth, I like this design so much, I almost I almost kept it to myself.... But then I realized that would be mean, I know there are lots of you guys out there that equally like this design and want to use it.

Another thing I liek about this design is, you see the colored naruto to the left of the banner? I colored that in myself :D. It was originally a black-and-white manga scan. I think I did well coloring it in.

Posted by Cloud9247

Using The Design

This is definately one of the easier-to-use designs I have made. All the content is pretty much just a mix of p, h1, h2, and a. pretty simple.

I tried to comment the index.html file, you if you don't know where to edit, it should be fairly easy.

And don't forget to edit the ./xml/website.xml file, to your site's details.

Most important of all though, don't remove the credit line.

Tested in IE 7, FF, Opera, Safari

About Me

Name: Thomas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde, Short
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Orientation: Bi


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