About The Design

Posted by Cloud9247

Alright, well... Basically I am stuck at my dad's house at the moment, and he doesn't have internet set up because he just moved to his new place. So I have nothing better to do(except maybe homework, lol) so I thought I would make another DX-Design.

Wooh! that was fun, lol. I would give you info about the characters in the banner normally right about here, but I don't know anything about the characters... I just got the PNG from a graphics site(link is under credits) and decided to use it, fun fun.

I like how it turned out, I am very pleased with it. And it is XHTML Valid, as well as CSS. I also like how the character's finger is pointing to the site title, lol.

Using the Design

The fun part

EVERY WORD IS CHANGABLE! This is the purpose of me making DX-Designs. You can edit all the words in the banner by changing the xml files in the ./xml/ folder! No image programs need, or even basic knowledge! Just a simple notepad edit that takes less than 2 minutes!

Just like the last DX-Design, this one is very easy to use. just a combo of h1, h3, and p... very easy, but this one I made sure to comment and clean very well for those that can still get lost in the code.


Very Much Appreciated...

My website is HayalKarga.com. All of my designs are available there, as well as other things.

I enjoy making web designs, but it means very much to me when people leave feedback. If you would like to leave some feedback, in the message board is my favorite spot. All feedback is appreciated.

Thank you and enjoy