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Panal Header
Well this small panal over here could either be used for additional links or just about anything else you want it to be used for. It would work well for an "About me" area of whatnot. So yeah... have fun with it!

Panal Header
Link Name
Link Name
Link Name
Link Name
Hello, this is what plain text looks like. This is what bolded text looks like. This is what underlined text looks like. This is what a link looks like.

This is a very basic layout, but I really like the clean lines and all that stuff. It turned out well I think. Since it is so small it would be best used as a personal site or a collective. There is a place for links at the top and you can also use the area to the left for links also, it is up to you.

Using The Layout
Included in the zip file you will download should be the following items. If any of them are missing please contact AiraJean via the contact form on the main site. Thank You.
  • index.html
  • images
    • css.css
    • simple1_1x1.gif
    • simple1_2x1.gif
    • simple1_2x2.gif
    • simple1_2x3.gif
    • simple1_3x1.gif
    • simple1_4x1.gif
    • simple1_4x3.gif
    • simple1_5x1.gif
    • simple1_5x2.gif
    • simple1_5x3.gif
    • simple1_6x1.gif
    • simple1_6x3.gif
    • simple1_7x1.gif
Again, if any of those files/images are missing please contact AiraJean so she can fix the zip file ASAP.

When editing the layout make sure to watch for the notes so you know where to put everything ;)

There are two places for navigation for this site. The first part is at the top under the blue header with your site name. This would be the perfest place for the main links in your site. You can also use the left hand side panal for navigation if you so choose to.

The layout itself is made up a table. The text areas will continue to expand downward for as long as needed. All of the CSS is in a seperate file, located inside of the 'images' folder. Feel free to change the colors of the text and such IF you know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing, I would advise you to leave it as it is and never open that file up :-)

Do not remove the credits from the bottom of the layout or from the coding itself. They must be on every page that uses this layout.
If you use this layout please let me know so I can see how it worked out for you :)