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Its been an age since I make a table layout xD;; I'm too lazy to think about the codes x_x divider is easier xDD Btw, they are cute, right? >3 I never play Kingdom Hearts before *feels sad* TT 3 TT But I think they're on the enemy side, am i right? o: oh well, enough with unimportant things = 3= and YAY FOR SIMPLICITY XD

Special Instruction : The navigation box is too small, right? xD;; but I cant think of another way to put the navigation section >_> Well, just make sure you wont put more then 5/6 lines there (or more than 4 <li> tags), or else... EARTHQUAKE! ahh just try it xD

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Use <blockquote> </blockquote> tags to use this box. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Integer condimentum malesuada justo. Proin augue lacus, sagittis vitae, ultricies ut, congue vitae, ante. Aenean non tortor in odio tempor hendrerit. Praesent ut justo eu mi tincidunt iaculis. Aenean tortor ante, sollicitudin vel, varius ac, interdum ut, quam. Aliquam commodo. Ut scelerisque. Nulla tempus tortor vel magna. Pellentesque quam. Sed posuere elit sit amet felis.

Yes, it tested and worked in Firefox, Flock, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape and Sea Monkey.

How to use

  • Download this layout.
  • Unzip the files with a program like Winzip.
  • Open index.html and change the content.
  • Upload all files to your own server.

If you have any problems or questions, go to the contact form or email me.

Terms of usage

  • Do not remove the credits.
  • Do not steal any materials.
  • Do not claim this layout as yours.
  • Do not redistribute this layout.
  • Do not remove the watermark.
  • Do not edit the image(s).

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