About this layout

A Kingdom Hearts layout. I made it while writing the iframe tutorial, I hope that helped.

The html and css files were coded with MS Notepad. That means the source code is fully copyrighted to me, and you can't copy it to make your own layouts.

This layout will look good with any resolution above 640x480 pixels, and it's been tested in both IE 5.5 and Mozilla Firefox.


No goodies this time.

How to use

Open index.html and edit with Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor. Upload to your server with the images in the images folder (keep the paths or they won't work properly). If you have any problem, ask at the support forum at Celestial Star, please do not e-mail me about it. Thank you :)

The navigation are the little squares on the left. If you want to do so, open index.html and edit

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