About this layout

Okay I admit it, I totally stole the basic idea of this layout from a beautiful wallpaper I saw on Minitokyo.net a looong time ago. Although in the end they don't really resemble each other that much. So once again we have a Sakura + Syaoran layout. Now that I think about it I don't understand why I keep making layouts of these 2 if they aren't even my favorite characters in that show! Man I just love the colors I chose for the font and links on this layout (yeah I know pathetic). XD I had troubles deciding how to make the little divider decorations. And I took great pains in getting the text to look like that, although it's not quite what I wanted anyway. T_T I did manage to use patterns on this one and make it look good, but that is because the layout image has straight lines, so it's not really all that awesome of me... I do like that in this one Syaoran doesn't look like such a looser like he does in lots of other pics. *runs from Syaoran fans*

I ask that you please leave the Copyright section in place since it gives all the proper credits. Go ahead and edit it to put your name or your site name in there. Also, please let me know if you are going to be using this layout somewhere but using the Contact form, the update comments, or the Guestbook. It makes me happy to know that people are using my layouts!

Copyright & Credits

Layout Design Copyright 2007 by MyrrhLynn. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Copyright CLAMP, NHK, and Funimation. Site Copyright "your name/site here". Image from Minitokyo.net. Layout downloaded at Celestial Star. Patterns from Squidfingers