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About the Layout

OH MAI GAWD! It's been way too long since I last made a layout.... That's why, I all of a sudden decided to make one yesterday... I don't know why, everything was going ok but then the coding started getting really frustrating (isn't that what always ends up happening?) and yeah :/ My style must've really changed. Lol. Anyway, the coding took quite a long time cuz I wanted to make sure that the layout wouldn't collapse or that the background wouldn't get cut off when you put no content in it >_<

I actually like this layout. Hehe. It looks so different from my old ones... so different I don't even know what to say.... I fell in love with the image the first time I saw it xD It's just so hot!

-ChizukaHime on 06.25.07 (The day I dyed my hair! xD)

Using the Layout

If you are having trouble with the layout, don't know how to use it, or are just confused about whatever, feel free to post your questions on the YAOIness forum. You'll have to join the forum first ^_^

Custom Design Service

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