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The layout features Aoyagi Ritsuka from anime and manga series Loveless by Kouga Yun. Images taken from manga. Ritsuka is super-cute here. ^^

This layout is made by using only CSS, no tables or frames. Valid HTML and CSS.

Downloading information

* Do not redistribute.
* Do not remove the credit links, especially the link to Celestial Star. Remember that layouts are linkware, that means, that you're free to use them if you keep the credits at the layout. Those credits must stay intact in every page that you use the layout.
* Do not edit grafics, do not make notable changes in coding.
* For more information visit Celestial Star and read Terms of Service or F.A.Q.

Using layout

Open "index.html" in Notepad, edit site content, Title and navigation at the top. Put link adress instead of "#".
For example <a href="#">yourlink5</a> to <a href="index.html">Main Page</a>. Titles should be written between <h1> and </h1>, for example: <h1>This is new title</h1>. Subtitle looks like this: <h2>This is new subtitle</h2>. For example:

new subtitle

Good luck! ^_^
Layout from Celestial Star, by deerstop. Brushes: PaperS, LT
Artwork by © Kouga Yun