hold me until forever...

This is a layout featuring Yuuna from Square Enix's Final Fantasy X. This layout was designed arround the blue color scheme of the original image that has very little editing done to it.

I do believe this layout is best for blogs, but can be used for any type of website. Just remember that if you do use this layout, you have to leave the credits in place or it is considered ripping my work.

Layout Information

This layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop, using simple shapes and layer effects. Coded in valid HTML and CSS, using a basic text editor.

Special code edits: Bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, Acronym, Link.

Layout Extras

100×100 Avatar and 88×31 Blank Button

Designer's Note

You must leave the credit links. I don't want to have to take layouts away after all the work I put into them. If you'd like for me to see what you are doing with the layout feel free to drop me a line via GM@il.