About this layout

For this layout, I used some 3D begginner works I made with C4D =_=u I really don't know much about it, but was trying to learn.

EVERYTHING on this layout (text, images, html and css coding) was created from scratch by me, therefore, it's fully copyrighted to me.

You can't put many links on the top navigation, because it would overflow. You may put anything else you want to put on the box on the right.

This layout will look good with any resolution above 800x600 pixels, and it's been tested in both IE 5.5 and Mozilla Firefox.


No goodies this time. Sorry!

How to use

Open index.html and edit with Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor. Upload to your server with the images in the images folder (keep the paths or they won't work properly). If you have any problem, ask at the support forum at Celestial Star, please do not e-mail me about it. Thank you :)

Terms of use

  • Do not redistribute.
  • Do not copy or use my images or codes (html and/or css) to make your layouts.
  • Do not direct link the layout images from here.
  • Do not remove the credits and links. This layout is linkware, that means, you're free to use it if you keep the link back to my site. Do not change the credits. I want them displayed exactly as I put them, so don't edit them either. If you don't want to keep the links, contact me and we can negotiate a price.


Site You. Layout Celestial-Star.NET

Here you would put anything else you would like to put on your pages, like what is your page about or your affiliate links.

If you're going to use it as a blog, just put here the info about you, like this:

Name: Melfina
Age: 18
Likes: Anime, Nu Metal, Webdesigning, Ragnarok Online...