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About the layout

My second Rozen Maiden layout ^__^ I really want to get the manga, but I'm out of cash.

Since Autumn's approaching, everyone'll be making red layouts using that maple leaf brush =__= I still wanted to use both elements but I also wanted to keep it original.

I had to redraw some parts of the image and played with color adjustments alot. I'm pretty content with the result.

Using the layout

  • Do not claim the layout as your own
  • Do not edit the coding
  • Do not edit the design itself
  • Do not remove the credits
  • Do not use the avatar provided anywhere else other than on pages that use this template
  • The layout credits must be visible on every page on which you use this template

Layout Credits

Layout made and coded by Ayumui
Layout downloaded from Celestial Star
Image © Peach Pit