about the layout

Ohh! I so much love this layout! Its so lilac and purple! And I love the person who featuring it. I always was facinated of whom this person was created from because she looks so cool! I submitted this to the Celestial-Star. I hope it wins :D. This layout is called Perwinkle Seraph. I edited the image using Adobe Photoshop CS and Dreamweaver MX. I love those two programs!! Great for blogs, collective, journals and etc. Do not alter for xanga or asian avenue. That is a big no no!!

About the coding

You have a problem entering your text or navigation? Just email me using my contact form in Geistengel. However you wouldn't have much problem considering that there are guidelines in the source to where to put the navigation and content.

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This work is only linkware only. A link with my web link, DDG and Celestial-Star on it would be appropriate for every page that this was with. Direct linking is not allowed so make sure to upload everything to your own server. And never ever take our link out!!! Please credit the following sites above that was said.


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