About the layout
Layout designed by Celestial Star Designs. This layout features Aya Fujimiya from Weiss Kreuz. Weiss Kreuz means White Cross, that's why I put that title to this layout (plus I love crosses).
I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to create all images that compose this layout and to slice it. Html and css were coded in Notepad.

How to use it
Upload all that is contained on the zip file and upload to your server. Keep the folders, or the images won't show.
The navigation links that you can put on the navigation is limited, if you put too many, it will look horrible. I've added some comments on the html to help you while using this layout.

Terms of use
1. Don't claim it as your own. Don't copy the code to make your own layout.
2. You can't remove the code that links to my site, this layout is linkware, that means, that you're free to use it if you keep the link to my site in every page.
3. Never edit the images and don't remove my credits & links.