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About the layout

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Yeah, I really liked this wallpaper I made so I turned it into a table layout as well. It features Hinoto from X (X/1999) I remember making a design using the same image but it was really slim and all purple.

Gotta type stuff and fill this section... So I've included one simple avatar. Feel free to add your name to it but that's all you can do. This layout is really easy to use. It's just a simple list-style navigation. It's crisp and clean, no fancy background to make the text unreadable. Follow the terms of service and enjoy.

♥ Ayumui


Do not remove the credits or claim you made this layout. The credits must be visible on every page on which you use this design.

Layout credits

Layout by Ayumui
Layout downloaded from Celestial Star
Image © CLAMP
Textures from Aethereality