About the layout

This layout was made through photoshop with one image and vectoring, no photoshop brushes were used. It's suppose to represent peace and serenity but in a dark theme. It uses 3 table layouts, CSS menus and styling plus standard HTML.

It is a simple layout designed for blogging or personal sites. I've indicated where the navigation tables start in the HTML, I suggest that you do not edit any other of the table settings or the layout will go wonky [if you don't know how to use HTML & CSS]. You can edit the colors in the style.css file. If you need any help or want to ask permission to edit other things then e-mail me here: me[at]scrapboxed.cjb.net

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Layout usage

 [1] Remember the terms and conditions.
 [2] Download the file
 [3] Unzip it, do not rename the images or files
 [4] Copy and upload to your web host

Do not redistribute or direct link
Do not use for hentai / pornographic website
Do not remove the copyrights
Do not claim it as your own
Do not edit of manipulation the layout without permission.

Credits and Copyrights

The coding to this website and it's images are copyrighted to Lavender. Do not claim or copy any of the content.

Downloaded at: celestial-star.net

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