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Name: Spink
DOB: February 10th
Location: Earth
Likes: Web Designing, reading, drawing, day dreaming, w-inds, music, Ryohei Chiba, chilling out with my buddies, Bleach

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The content is written here and the navigation is on the left.. Please make appropriate changes to the content without violating the Terms of Usage.

This layout is coded with tables and CSS, and edited with Adobe Photoshop CS, and the image was obtained from Digik Gallery from Saiyuki - Backgammon . This layout is coded with Macromedia Dreamweaver. The images,CSS and HTML codings are copyrighted to me. You cannot claim them as your own.

This layout has been tested in IE Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator 8, with the resolution 800 x 600 and 1024 x 800.

How to Use

Open the index.html once you downloaded it, and edit it with Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor. Then, upload the files to your server with the images in the images folder. Do not change the images' path. If not it will not work properly. If you encounter any problems or have any doubts, just contact me at here.

Terms of Use

  • DO NOT redistribute this layout.

  • DO NOT rip off the images/banner above and put your own images/banner. Leave them intact!

  • DO NOT copy my HTML & CSS and claim them as your own.

  • LINK back and give credits to me if you use this layout.


Please do not remove the credits below, and it should be on every page of your site:
Images: Digik Gallery
Brushes: deviantArt
Textures: Celestial-Star.Net
Layout designed by: White Summer by spinkybean
Layout downloaded at: Celestial-Star.Net