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Scrapboxed Aethereality Hybrid Genesis

   About Layout

   This layout features Cloud, I wasn't really sure what to title it but decided best to name it 'hero' since it only seemed fitting. This layout is not for people who are beginners in HTML or CSS since its rather complicated, especially the navigation. It uses Div layers also. I found the image in the Aethereality gallery and extracted it to make this layout.

Layout downloaded from:
Scrapboxed / DDG / Celestial-Star


   Please do NOT remove the copyrights, you can either keep it on the navigation or in the main content area. But do not make this out as your own, you wouldn't like it if I came and stole your work and said it was mine.

  This layout is for personal use only, do not use it for profitable means. Read our TAC if your unsure of anything.

  Do not steal any of the coding, or edit the image in anyway. You can however change table settings or color settings. If you want to make any changes other then that then simple ask me.

   How to use

   Simply download this and use winzip  to unzip the file. Extract the files to the location you want it to. Then upload the pages and images to your server. Do not rename any of the images otherwise they won't show. Simply copy index.htm then rename it to your desired webpage.

  If you want to make another table in the navigation then copy and paste and rename. I have indicated where each div table begins in the HTML.


 Layout Scrapboxed. By Lavender.
 Site You.
Image Aethreality .  Brushes Hybrid-Genesis