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About Layout

This world is only gonna break your heart...2:54PM on March 28th, 2006
O_o Oh look! A layout! ::Gasp:: Where are all the loads of textures and brushes Cloudy normally uses?! Where! Lol. No where! This is actually one of my very few simple layouts, compiling of maybe 4 or five brushes, and two textures! The image is from AIR I believe. The textures are actually all mine. I had put them on CR for maybe a week but they had poor response, so I took them down. The brushes are from an extremly old LJ that seems to not work anymore. This sort of layout format was somewhat inspired by a layout from Celestial Star called Promises, so if you ever check it out, you'll notice I did the basic layout sort of like it and made the coding look sorta like it. I think the whole layout was completly div though, and this is a table/div layout. It's completly tables expect for the links since I couldn't achive the way I wanted it to look with tables =P.

The name Wicked Game comes from an H.I.M. song off their cd Razorblade Romance. The bottom says "This world is only gonna break your heart.". The overall look of this layout kind of made this fit. Don't ask me why. Anyways, I would so love your imput on this layout! I may do some more simple layouts. I really enjoyed making this one =P.


  • Don't edit/manipulate/change any graphic in this layout with the exception of icons, which you can customize with your name.
  • Do not steal/edit/claim this layout as your own.
  • Do not delete credits
  • Do not steal the HTML or CSS in this layout
  • Instructions

  • Download the zip and then unzip the contents into a folder on your computer
  • Open up index.html and then edit the content to your needs
  • Upload all the files exactly as they are unzipped onto your website via ftp/cpanel
  • If you come across problems, go to Cloudrealms to contact Cloudy
  • Enjoy!
  • Credits

    Layout © Cloud-Realms
    Image © 4-Chan
    Downloaded at Celestial Star or Day Dream Graphics