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Visit to Oregon Sparks Theory

Today, we observed that trees do, indeed, exist in Oregon; see picture. This fact was gathered when Kalliel, the mysterious Girl Scouting associate, went to Girl Scout camp for a week during the summer of 2005. She took a picture with her trusty disposable camera as evidence.

A New Law

A new scientific law was published. It's title: Life in Oregon: a study on wildlife in our nice U.S. state, Oregon.

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About This Layout

by Fanta

Technically autumn-themed.

This layout was loosely based on the Yahoo news layout. It didn't turn out quite the same, but you can see the similarities. I like it.

And yes, this layout is technically autumn-themed, because of the maple leaves. It started out greyscale, and when I notcied that, I freaked out. I strongly dislike greyscale layouts.


In particular, I like the sidebar beside each update. =3 It's so huggable, at least I think so.

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