About the Layout

This layout was made using several textures and PS effects to produce this clean layout and 'generally' spacious content area XP. Obviously it's because of the expression projected from the image used that inspired me to make this design as well as for the title of the layout :D This design took me around two days to complete and since I was in the mood for generosity, I decided to make a matching 100X100 avatar to go with the layout ^_~ I hope you like this design!


Instructions on using Layout

I'd recommend that you know a little HTML before using this layout as the navigational links (small arrows on the main image) need to be edited to be directed to your pages, as are the ALT tags for the descriptions. This Layout is Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional

  1. Download the layout and unzip the folder using a program such as WinZip
  2. Open up index.html and edit the content and navigation at the directed areas
  3. Upload everything to your main server directory
  4. Enjoy!

The main coding except for the content and navigation SHOULD NOT be edited as you may 'mess up' the layout. This layout has been tested in both IE and Firefox. If you have any problems, questions and or concerns regarding this layout, do not hesitate to Email Me and I will try my best to help you.

Credits & Copyright

- Images from Boyis.com and SXC
- Brushes from the Magic Box
- Layout Designed by Jasmine
- Layout Downloaded at Celestial-Star

The Credits for this layout MUST be placed at the bottom of each page whilst you are using this layout. DO NOT remove any of the links that are mapped into the image(s). Stealing, claiming this design/coding as your own, removing the credits and or redistribution of this design are all prohibited.

To ensure that all the necessary rules are followed please refer to the Terms Of Use.

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