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About the Layout

This is a tables layout I made for Celestial Star's layout contest. If features.. umm.. the two main characters from Wild Adapter. I have no idea who they are since I've never read that manga before.. I know, shame on me -_-U But umm.. I'm sure it's good ^^;;;

I think that layout turned out to look pretty cool... though it hardly took me such a short time to make... weird... but the coding took me a very long time. This layout sorta looks like my other DN Angel one... I wonder if it's still there.. hmm... Yeah.. I think I'm gonna go make some avatars now. Lol.

<3 Chizukahime on 12.27.05

Using the Layout
  1. Unzip the layout
  2. Open index.html to edit the navigtaion and content
  3. Upload the files to your server and make sure they're all in the same directory

Don't forget to include stuff like <td class="content"> when you make new tables!

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