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Simply Serenity Celestial-Star DayDreamGraphics

About The Layout
Hello, this is what plain text looks like. This is what bolded text looks like. This is what underlined text looks like. This is what a link looks like.

This layout features some images some thing that I found at Celestial-Star gallery a while back. I also used the current layout from that gallery as inspiration. Originally this was going to be the layout I was going to put up on my main site but it turned out to similar to Celestial-Star's for my liking so I decieded to let other people use it if they wanted to. I hope you enjoy it!

Using The Layout
make sure you got them all
Included in the zip file you will download should be the following items. If any of them are missing please contact AiraJean via the contact form on the main site. Thank You.
  • index.html
  • images
    • avatar.gif
    • avatar2.gif
    • box_side.gif
    • button.gif
    • button2.gif
    • css.css
    • divider.gif
    • vio_1x1.jpg
    • vio_2x1.jpg
    • vio_3x1.jpg
    • vio_3x2.jpg
    • vio_3x3.jpg
    • vio_3x4.jpg
    • vio_3x5.jpg
    • vio_4x1.jpg
Again, if any of those files/images are missing please contact AiraJean so she can fix the zip file ASAP.

The navigation for this layout is made up for two parts. The first part is at the very top of the design. These links would work best for things such as "home", "contact" and "about". Pretty much the links that would normall be under a heading of "site stuff". The second navigation is the one of the left hand side. These are made of of nice little boxes that change when you hover over them. You can add in as many links for each heading as you like and also use as many headings as you like.

The layout itself is made up a table. The text areas will continue to expand downward for as long as needed. All of the CSS is in a seperate file, located inside of the 'images' folder. Feel free to change the colors of the text and such IF you know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing, I would advise you to leave it as it is and never open that file up :-)

Do not remove the credits from the bottom of the layout or from the coding itself. They must be on every page that uses this layout. You can change the part at the bottom of the design where it says "Your Name" to your name and add in your email address also.
If you use this layout please let me know so I can see how it worked out for you :)

Spice if Up
a few 'extras'

The first extra I made to go with this layout is the little divider that you see above and seperating each section of this page. It isn't anything all that special or fancy, but it does seperate sections well.

This is the second extra I made to go with this layout. This box could be used to put any number of things on. You can put as many of these on a page also. The side image will repeat so you can type as much as you want. For the original design this box would have been used to hold any coding for a tutorial on my site. When you use it, just add in a 'div' with the class as 'box' then put anything you want inside of the box inside of the div. Make sense? I hope so. If it confuses you, just take a look at the code and i'm sure you can figure it out.

Here are a few avatars and buttons that you can edit in your name or your site name.

Layout Design ©AiraJean ¤ Website Content ©Your Name