// About This Layout



It's beautiful, isn't it? Yes, of course... CLAMP's artworks always that pretty. Hueeh... i always think when will i can make such an attractive arts... but anyway!! How bout this greeny Suu? Yeah it's from Clover and it was HER. Ho-ho finally i could make 'Properly' design, since started resentful with my designs XP.


By the way... i saw this image first time at Aethereality Gallery and i think it would be nice if i use this base for layout or anything. And then... thaaa-raaah!! I used a little amount of brushes and textures. And the rest, i'm playing with the Gaussian Blur and blending color. Hehe~~~ my head now full with the inspirations so i made something news. Is the link hover at the image mapping good? Hehe, i added 'love' brush! Oh yeah, i work harder for this. Especially at DHTML coding. But i satisfied. Hope that does with you ^^/


Hmm... this layout uses table div style, image mapping, DHTML effect. I placed the layout at center, supposed looks good. There's image mapping navigations left upper and also nav tables right beside. Use the image mapping as the nav and tables beside as content of nav. Also, i added ava as an extra. This layout can be used for personal blog or fanlisting. If you make site with this layout, please let me to know. Before, be sure you do know how to add the table.  You can add the bookmarks using <a name="bookmark name"></a> before the title. And uhm... if you want to ask me about the layout and how to use, feel free to e-mail me here or send me a message via MSN (idem) Once more, please be know that you must have a little knowledge of HTML coding. Enjoy this layout and don't forget to give me credit.


Kawaii Yuki


// Using This Layout



//  Please be know that you must have even if it's a little, a knowledge of HTML coding suppose you wouldn't find error.

//  Unzip this file.

//  Open index.html to edit your navigation and content. Please use image mapping upper right as navigation and plenty table right beside as the content of navigation.

//  Upload everything to your main directory server.

//  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any question or suggestion.


Terms of Usage



//  Do NOT remove the credits. Removing mean you STEAL this layout, not USING.

//  Do NOT steal any materials.

//  Do NOT using the avatar without my permission.

//  Regarding  the layout as yours mean you are a thief.

//  Do NOT copy my HTML or CSS codes to yours.

//  Please do not altering the original codes.