The first time I saw this image in the CS gallery I knew I had to use it. It had such a Sci-Fi feel to it I had to complete the look. As you can see I added some brushes that had sci-fi tones as well as a few filters. I'm pretty sure this layout can be used for many different types of sites. Originally the name of this layout was going to be Ashling, which is actually a girls name from Ireland. :) It means 'dream' or 'vision'.

Scroller Test

:D - Yes, I like doing these.

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Look, pretty things... :D
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A few things...

You must leave the credit links in the menu. I don't want to have to take layouts away after all the work I put into them. If you'd like for me to see what you are doing with the layout feel free to drop me a line via GM@il.