As you can see this layout is very light and most clear than others I made. It should be for a website with a bigger content like a big graphic site. The division is pretty much as the current layout at Grieved-Lightness.com. Also this layout is a premiere, because I want to present it at Celestial Star °_°
I made some specials for this layout. Ahead there are four buttons, two avatars and one banner. To see the banner in the true size you have to enlarge. I don't know from which series the picture in the header is, but I really like it, because of the nice face ^.~
It's sure that the weather is very strange this time, but I hope "Set me free" reminds you at the spring.


xx: Don't save the layout (just load it down at CS or ask at GL)
xx: Don't delete the linkage to GL in the head
xx: Don't delete the resource credits.


xx: Made by Grieved-Lightness.com
xx: Picture from Newtype Illustration Calendar at CS
xx: Credits: AvH - AR - BH - GL - Insomnia
Designed by Grieved-Lightness.com