about the layout

This is Yumemi, featuring Hinoto of X or X/1999. It's a really slim design, and my first of this type. The navigation's on the left, and is pretty small.

But at least it guarantees that this layout can be viewed in most screen resolutions without horizontally scrolling. I don't know about 640x480 though, since my computer doesn't have it. Oh, and I hope this looks pale/purplish. It might not depending on your monitor settings.

The image is from Clamp Wonderland, and was edited purely using default Photoshop effects and lots of layers. 21, to be exact but that was after I merged a few of them.

This layout could be used for a blog, or as a fansite/fanlisting or collective. However the usual rule of removing the credits stays the same.

using the layout

Don't, don't, don't touch the credits! I put work into making this, so don't steal it!

Keep your content in <p> tags, and your headers in <h1> / </h1> tags.

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