About the Layout

I hope you like it. Today I just tried out a new style and I must say that I find it quite nice. Especially the colors of this layout are beatiful... Well at the beginning I wanted to make a new theme layout for Epiphany but then I decided that this should be a downloadable layout and so I coded it for you. The coding didn't take me long but at least I worked about 2 hours after everything was completed.

As you can see is this layout "Speed of Sound" called. I gave it that title because I was listening at the same moment I designed in my lovely Photoshop the same named song by Coldplay, one of my favorite bands. I recomend them to everyone of you. But lets come back to the layout.

There is also a little extra. I mean that little avatar at the top of the content to match the layout - well it's not much but better than nothing =). If you have any questions according to the layout, please send me an email to thomas.riedelberger[at]hotmail.com ( [at] -> @ )

How to use

1.] Download it=3
2.] Unpack the .zip-file
3.] change the content and the links
4.] keep it up to your server
5.] don't touch style.css if you don't know css very well!


Layout designed by the-Epiphany.de
Downloaded at Celestial-Star
Image by Kevin Westenberg