I'm back to making red and black layouts again XD But seriously, I love these colors and find great comfort in them. When I found this image I went totally nuts and had to make a layout with it. I was all, "Red roses! Red roses!"

I tried putting a bit more effort into this layout than my past ones, so I went bonkers (in my opinion) on the CSS. It was also partly because my dad had given me these books on HTML and CSS.

I even made some avatars to match. Yeah, they're real simple. Feel free to edit the avatars yourself but use them only on this layout!

Regular text
Bold text
Italicized text

I highly recommend you don't touch the CSS or you'll mess everything up. But if you don't like the color changes with the bold and italicized text, you can open red.css and take out the b {color: #670000;} or the i {color: #DA0000;}

But that's all you can change with this layout other than the content and the site title.

This layout isn't really complicated. There's just a few tags you need to keep in mind:

For the boxes, use <div class="st">, add all of your text and close off with </div>
For the headers, use <p id="header">, add your text, and close off with </p>

And as a side note, I highly suggest you use the good old <p> tags so keep your text properly aligned.

And as a side note, I suggest you start off your boxes with a header. It looks better that way. And your headers will always turn out capitalized, thanks to the CSS.

Download and unzip this layout with Winzip

Open index.html to take out what I've written and add your own content. Keep within the "content starts" and "content ends" so you don't actually mess up the layout itself.

If you want, you can use the right column for your navigation. You also have some space to do a mini bio of yourself like I have demonstrated.

Now please, DO NOT remove the credits in the navigation section. It's theft. I'm not the type to hold a grudge on someone but do the right thing because I gave up sleep and put nonstop hours into this layout. I even spent even more time the next morning to perfect the CSS.

I'm just a kid trying to make the best of Winter Break.